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Focusing initially on our core areas of wines from Spain and wines from Southern France our comprehensive new Spanish wine guide is now available for download.  The current edition of España Vino will be updated later in the year and will incorporate extensive wine travel information for the wine bodegas and regions. There will also be regular wine and travel features on the blog, so check back regularly. Shopping links and Google map references will be included. The guides are completely free to download and will be supported by selective sponsorship and advertising. We use the pdf format because this provides excellent opportunities for interactive linking for our readers.

 Espana Vino - Spanish Wine E-guide cover  Le Midi Vin - French Wine E guide cover
 “A Definitive guide to Spanish wine
including the wineries, wines
and wine regions of Spain”
To download free of charge see here
 “A Definitive guide to southern French wine
including the wineries, wines
and wine regions of southern France”
in the pipeline
To view the free sample see here


The Wine Guides: Spain (España Vino) then coming soon southern France, (Le Midi Vin)

'Accessible, informative and portable' is our maxim!  Wine and Moore guides are accessible via your pc, tablet, laptop, smart or iPhone and most e Book readers. The guides will be updated throughout the year providing a reliable, up to date source of information for your wine buying decisions. The wine travel guides will provide a different slant on holidays or wine buying visits, incorporating useful information on not only the wine of the area but also interesting hotels and restaurants.

The author of the wine guides is award winning wine writer David Moore.  He has written about Spain, France, South Africa, Australasia as well as North and South America for many years and has won all the three major annual international wine book awards for his work.

The first guide now published is España Vino.  Spain is an exciting country with a diverse climate, terroir and equally diverse styles of wine. All the country’s regions, including major wine regions and wine styles like Rioja, Priorat, Ribera del Duero and Sherry are covered in detail with profiles and wine reviews on over 700 wineries (bodegas). The E guide is very simple to use and navigate around. A key feature is embedded website links to the wine producers covered, providing a really useful reader experience.

The guide is available for download here. Each update is published as a new and fully revised E guide, simply replace your old one or keep a collection.

The next guide is Le Midi Vin which geographically covers a huge area of France. All the southern wine regions will be fully profiled, including the Rhône Valley, Provence, Corsica, Languedoc-Roussillon and South-West France. A vast array of major wine appellations like Côtes du Rhône, Ch╚âteauneuf-du-Pape, Coteaux du Languedoc and Côtes du Roussillon will be featured, and key wineries as well as wines will be profiled. It will be available in an identical format to España Vino.

Wine knowledge & Wine Quality ratings

The site aims to have a wide appeal to wine lovers and wine enthusiasts who are keen to extend their knowledge, be they wine consumers, wine professionals or sommeliers. The guides will provide detailed winery profiles. For each wine covered there is a 100 point quality rating, the grape varieties used and a code to indicate retail prices.

Wine travel

Future guides will include useful local knowledge and information about where to stay on a vineyard or close by, not forgetting great places to eat and drink. Full details about visiting the wineries will be provided including tastings, wine courses and tours.  For tourists wanting a holiday which is a little different, or off the beaten track, the travel information will provide an excellent backdrop. Regular blog articles will also be available on our blog. The travel information and features will all be written by Janey Gilbert, who has many years travel experience.


Wine Database

A new searchable database is in the pipeline (to be available via annual subscription) and is due to be launched later next year. It will be regularly updated and with countries, regions and wineries regularly added will provide a really useful resource for both consumer wine shopping and trade wine buyers. It will contain detailed wine and winemaking information with individual wine as well as winery profiles along with wine merchant shopping links. All the grape varieties and wine glossary information from the guides will also be incorporated. Subscribers will find it useful both as a comprehensive wine guide and encyclopedia as well as as a mobile wine buying and wine-shopping tool.


Other Stuff

A comprehensive range of information is available.  There is an extensive guide to grape varieties “Grape Notes” and a detailed general glossary of wine terms “Wine Glossary

There are also a number of useful downloads including  a sample from the upcoming Le Midi Vin, regional wine maps, and a complete listing of wine producers covered in the guides.

In the coming months there will be a guide to major wine stockists in the UK, USA and elsewhere for the wineries profiled in the guides. We will also be providing a review of recent vintages with vintage charts for Spain and the south of France. Look out too for a download of author recommendations.



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