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Other Stuff

Sample guides, maps and other downloads

A range of other downloads are available here.

A number of other free downloads are available or will be available very shortly. These are:

  1. A small sample from the upcoming Le Midi Vin
  2. A list of all bodegas covered in España Vino
  3. A merchant/major stockist guide
  4. Spanish regional vintage charts (southern France will follow shortly for Le Midi Vin)
  5. Authors recommendations from España Vino
  6. A provisional list of wineries/wine domaines to be covered in Le Midi Vin

Wine glossary

The first example of the wine glossary is available now. It will very much be an evolving freebie with new items added regularly and existing items continually updated. It is intended to be a useful quick reference resource for all readers, consumers, trade and wine students.

Grape Notes

Like the glossary the first A to Z of Grape Notes is also available now. It will also be regularly updated at least once a month. Both glossaries will include specialist entries from France and Spain but will also provide a quick reference for grapes and technical terms encountered across the worlds wine regions.


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